identifying the ideal soution
recognizing your needs,
Detecting your thoughts,
Portable Ground Surveillance Radar Detects, tracks and classifies targets moving on or close to the ground.
Mobile Ground Surveillance Vehicle Equipped various surveillance sensors
Adaptive Multisensor System Integrates radars, thermal imagers, video cameras, etc.

About us

Pro Patria Electronics is acting as developer and manufacturer of surveillance equipment and as system integrator,

delivering products and services to the global law-enforcement and homeland security community. 

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  • Customer needs

    Knowing and understanding our customer needs is in the centre of our business. It helps us to develop innovative solutions which helps them to do their business better.

  • Working, innovation

    Our highly skilled employees work as a team and deliver radars and solutions that meet our customer’s requirements. The innovation is our strategy, development with customers.

  • Development Testing

    Focusing the customers satisfaction our products, and services are always provided by testing, installation, and support. To become the best in the market, our clients’ feedback is the primary information for Pro Patria Elelctronics engineers.


Our Mission

We serve our customers with tailor made surveillance solutions. We integrate our products with other subsystems supporting C4i and MIP based centers. We design and release new radar product lines and models to enhance the portfolio. We keep the dynamic growth of the company to provide security for more and more customers.


  • PGSR-3i Beagle
  • Detection ranges
    Pedestrian 8 km
    Armored soldier 10 km
    Vehicle 15 km
    Large vehicle 24 km
  • Scan Rate
    7°/sec and 14°/sec, operator selectable
  • Max. Transmitted Power
    2 W
  • Radar Power Supply
    28V DC (22 – 33V DC), max. 50 Watt
  • Data/Control Interface
    RS-485, Ethernet, WIFI (optional)
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  • EOSA 225
  • Imager Type
    Uncooled 17µ
    Microbolometer 7.5-14µ
    1/2” Color CCD
  • Resolution
    17µ: 640 x 480
    768 x 494
  • Sensitivity
    NETD: < 50° mK
    >50dB S/N
  • Continuous Zoom Lenses
    25 - 225mm: 24.5° - 2.8° HFOV
    10 - 320mm (32x): 35.3° - 1.1° HFOV (1/2”)
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  • MGS3 Scout
  • Instrumentation
    PGSR-3i ’Beagle’ radar unit
    Electro-Optical Sensor Array (EOSA)
    Leveling system
    Operator station
    Other instruments as needed
  • Vehicle options
    Any vehicle as needed
    e.g.: covert, non covert, full off-road configurations
  • Power supply
    Vehicle-built-in battery set (24V DC)
    Power generator and charger (230V AC)
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Pro Patria Electronics

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