Discover Pro Patria Electronics' cutting-edge multi-layer sensor integration system for border control.

Addressing the global challenge of border protection, our sophisticated and affordable solution ensures continuous surveillance with integrated sensors, adaptable software (ADAMS™), and seamless remote control capabilities.

Efficiently detect and respond to threats with our field-proven PGSR-3i 'Beagle' Ground Surveillance Radar and comprehensive sensor suite. Our customizable, cost-effective system supports armed forces and homeland security units, enhancing border security with minimal resources. Learn more about our advanced sensor integration and management for effective border protection.




Nowadays many countries face serious global security situations while each of them pay attention to improve their border’s protection. Controlling who is allowed to enter the country, to cross the border or to pass a critical area is a must. Usually there is not enough manpower to patrol all these areas, only to provide reaction forces. Early detection of potential threats and illegal activities is crucial and provide the basis for focused countermeasures.


Pro Patria Electronics is your partner providing sophisticated and affordable solution, which helps to control these sensitive areas. Our company offers ideal solutions to armed forces and homeland security units who are confronting the new border protection challenges. The continuous surveillance can be achieved with a network of integrated sensors. This system can be controlled either locally or from a remote command center that provides an integrated situational picture for higher level Command Centers (C2).

Pro Patria Electronics developed a system so that its flexible elements can adapt to the changing situations. The company can integrate existing border surveillance equipment into its sensor and integration management software (ADAMSTM) that has multi-layer functionality viable alternative for quick deployment. It is able to connect to existing C2 systems, and provide good growth potential including new sensors. Pro Patria Electronics supports and maintains the sensor integration system for long term in order to support the protection of sensitive border areas.


 Covering large areas with minimal resources (human, equipment, etc…)
 Prioritizing of the surveillance areas - focused alarming of the operator(s)
 Remote control ability – C2
 Quick C2 functionality deployment
 Cooperation ability of the sensor subsystems (slew-to-cue)


The system is based on our proven PGSR-3i ‘Beagle’ Ground Surveillance Radar (1), which is used for detecting moving ground targets, provides target detection, tracking, and classification information. The system can be efficiently operated in extreme weather conditions (e.g. heavy rain, large fog, dust, etc…). Thermal and daylight cameras (cooled, uncooled, LWIR, SWIR) is utilized for detailed recognition and identification as secondary sensor. Integrating any other sensor for special environments or target specifications is also possible.


 Full customization according to customer’s needs
 Open architecture for future expansion
 Field proven
 Any user language with compatible character set possible
 Customer tailored configuration
 Sensors can be operated either stand-alone or as an integrated surveillance network
 Efficient integration of new and/or existing sensors (e.g. radars, cameras; unattended ground sensors, etc…)
 Single or multi-display layout
 Modular hardware architecture
 Same user interface for all level of operations
 Commander and listener mode (operator access)
 Showing the integrated picture on a digital map
 Simple, intuitive user interface
 Comprehensive training and support
 Easy to learn, easy to use
 Short training time
 The trained operator can be assigned to any new sensor systems


 TCP/IP based communication between servers
 Many type of communication protocol can be integrated to sensors
 Narrow bandwidth capability for HF/VHF/UHF radios
 Wide bandwidth capability with camera streaming


 Man portable - for rough terrains and clandestine operations (3)
 Vehicle mounted - for maximum maneuverability (4)
 Tower/Building mounted - continuous protection for area or borderline (5)
 (1) See the PGSR-3i Beagle brochure
 (2) See ADAMS™ brochure
 (3) See PMS2 ‘Sentinel’ brochure
 (4) See MGS3 ‘Scout’ brochure
 (5) See PGSR-3i FT ‘Beagle’ brochure