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Ground Surveillance Radars & Cameras

GASR-3D 'Terrier'

Ground & Air Surveillance Radar

GASR-3D 'Terrier'

The GASR-3D 'Terrier' radar is the next generation of Ground & Air Surveillance Radars (GASR).

Staring radar
FMCW radar technology
Automatic detection
Automatic classification
Automatic tracking
LPI technology
Built-in GPS and magnetic compass
Withstand harsh environmental conditions
Interfaced via Ethernet 1G 
Unique capability: Drone, UAV and Human Detection in same radar
DBF and unique Tx AESA technology
Advanced Operator software
No moving parts, fully solid state
Compact and light weight
Fully integration ready (C4i/EO)
Continous real time detection and tracking 
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G



The Radar is capable to continuously detect Drone, UAV and Human targets. The Radar provides automatic detection, tracking and classification of the targets. The Radar is based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology enabling high MTBF. It utilizes unique AESA transmission. Low power and continuously changing frequency providing for Low Probability of detection and Interception (LPI). The Radar utilizes multiple frequency channels in a wide operating frequency range to enable eliminating potential environmental disturbances and interferences and to adapt to the operating environment. Embedded GPS and magnetic compass units are built-in for quick deployment and settings. The Radar can be fixed or portable due to its low weight and provides easy installation in hardly accessible locations. The Radar is certified to withstand and operate in harsh environmental conditions and is suited for off-road vehicles transportation conditions. The Radar is fully solid state, advanced digital design, providing for very high MTBF. The Radar is designed for easy integration with Command and Control Systems and can be interfaced via Ethernet 1G.


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