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STAND NO.: N9-492 Pro Patria Electronics is one of the world leading developer and manufacturer of mid-range ground surveillance radars and border surveillance solutions will be exhibiting at DSEI at EXCEL, London from 12th – 15th Sep 2017. Pro Patria Electronics announcing Active Drone target identification system to improve the Mobile Ground Surveillance Vehicle that includes Multi-Sensor system (Radar; Cooled/Un-cooled Electro optics; and a tactical UAV). The enhanced Scout platform provides optionally covert and/or armored off-road vehicle with the Company’s leading software and sensor integration technology. The system includes user-friendly and cost-effective Modular Sensor Integration software platform as well. The Adaptive Multi-Sensor System (ADAMS) developed by Pro Patria Electronics complies all requirements providing enhanced integration and classification methods for all command level - from the standalone applications to Homeland Security Systems.
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