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Pro Patria Electronics is one of the world leading developer and manufacturer of mid-range ground surveillance radars and border surveillance solutions will be exhibiting at DSEI at EXCEL, London from 12th – 15th Sep 2017. Pro Patria Electronics announcing Active Drone target identification system to improve the Mobile Ground Surveillance Vehicle that includes Multi-Sensor system (Radar; Cooled/Un-cooled Electro optics; and a tactical UAV). The enhanced Scout platform provides optionally covert and/or armored off-road vehicle with the Company’s leading software and sensor integration technology. The system includes user-friendly and cost-effective Modular Sensor Integration software platform as well. The Adaptive Multi-Sensor System (ADAMS) developed by Pro Patria Electronics complies all requirements providing enhanced integration and classification methods for all command level - from the standalone applications to Homeland Security Systems.

Pro Patria Electronics is acting as developer and manufacturer of surveillance equipment and as system integrator, delivering products and services to the global law-enforcement and homeland security community.


Pro Patria Electronics was founded in year 2000 in Budapest, Hungary.


Our product range spreading from tower-mounted desert radar systems and man-portable surveillance equipment up to coastal radars and vehicle-mounted security solutions is addressing the growing need in highly effective military and special technical equipment.


The rise in power and activity of transnational criminal and paramilitary organisations, organized unlawful combatants, terrorists and contrabandists, as well as the escalation of threats to civil population, borders and infrastructure require powerful technical solutions and upgrading of surveillance and security systems of border protection and law-enforcement services.


Pro Patria Electronics is committed to develop, manufacture and deliver high quality radar products and integrated systems that will serve as a reliable technical basis for providing advanced surveillance services and for safeguarding of security and stability of regions, lands and people.

Pro Patria Electronics is member of the Defence Industry Association of Hungary.


General Manager: Mr. Geza Szathmari  Dipl.-Ing. , MBA
Address: HUNGARY, 1097 Budapest, Konyves Kalman krt. 12-14
Founded: 2000
Registration Court:         Company Registry Court of Budapest-Capital Regional Court
Company Registry Number:         01-09-991831
EU Tax Nr:                              HU11968470
Customs Registry Number (CRN):          HU0000318154
Export-Import Regulations:         Hungarian Trade Licensing Office
CAGE / NCAGE CODE:         1013V




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Pro Patria Electronics

  •   Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14,
      H-1097 Budapest, Hungary
  •   +36 1 322 7010
  •   +36 1 344 7020
  •   info@propatria-inc.com