EOSA 225

is a market-leading long-range dual-sensor surveillance system. This unique system combines an advanced high-resolution uncooled thermal continuous zoom camera with a mid- or long-range visiblelight camera on an accurate pan-tilt unit.
The EOSA 225 offers extreme long-range detection and assessment without requiring regular maintenance, ensuring low of cost of ownership.
Typical applications for this system include airports and other sensitive installations. This camera was integrated with PPE ADAMS Sensor Management System and developed to work with PGSR-3i Beagle radars.

Dual Continuous Zoom Channels (Thermal & Color)
Independent continuous zoom thermal and color cameras provide maximum situational awareness, user friendliness, and 24/7 threat assessment.
Long Range Thermal Imagers
Uncooled thermal cameras provide long range performance with no routine preventive maintenance.
Ruggedized for Harsh Environments
A rugged design, certified to IP66, and protected against hot, cold, dusty, and other harsh or industrial environments.
Easy Integration
Serial or TCP/IP configurations. Pelco D and ONVIF Profile S Compliant (TCP/IP only).

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