Multibeam Ground Surveillance Radar


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The MBR-2D radar is the next generation of man-portable medium range Ground Surveillance Radars (GSR).


-Extremely low false alarms
-Continuous real time detection and tracking
-No moving parts, fully solid state
-Compact and light
-Advanced Operator software
-Fully integration ready (C4I/EO)


The Radar is capable to continuously (without any time gap) detect ground and low flying small aircraft and rotorcraft. The Radar provides detection, automatic tracking and classification of the targets. Both automatic and manual target classification is available to the operator. The Radar is based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Technology (FMCW). It utilizes low transmission power and continuously changing frequency providing for low probability of detection and interception (LPI).
The Radar utilizes 32 frequency channels in a wide operating frequency range to eliminate potential environmental disturbances and interferences and to adapt to the operating environment.
Embedded GPS and magnetic compass unit are installed for quick deployment and settings. The Radar is portable due to its low weight and provides easy installation in hardly accessible locations. The Radar is certified to withstand and operate in harsh environmental conditions and is suited for terrain vehicles transportation conditions.

The Radar is fully solid state, low power and low dissipation design, providing for very high MTBF. The Radar is designed for easy integration with command and control systems and can be interfaced via Ethernet or RS485.


Detection Ranges
Azimuth Coverage
Instrumented Range
Detectable Radial Velocity
Number of tracks
Pedestrian | (RCS 0.5 m²) | 10 km
Soldier | (RCS 1 m²) | 12 km
Vehicle | (RCS 10 m²) | 21 km
Continuous staring
90° single tranceiver unit
180°, 270°, 360° with 2,3,4 tranceiver units respectively
8, 12, 16, 24 km
Range: 10m (RMS) Azimuth: 0.5°
1 - 300 km/h
> 500

Operation Principle
Frequency Band
Transmitted Power
Power Requirements
Temperature Ranges
Radar Weight
Radar Unit Size*
Environmental Specifications
Data/Control Interface
X Band
max. 35W
24-32 VDC 300 W
Operation: -32°C to +55°C
Storage: -40°C to +60°C
24 kg
78 x 44 x 14 cm
Tested according to MIL-STD-810G
> 20 000 hrs
RS-485, Ethernet

Integrated GPS and North Finding Device
Low Radiated Power for Human Safety
Artillery correction mode option
Comprehensive BIT
32 RF channels and automatic hopping
Controller software: Freely Configurable Alarm and Dumb Zones, Map Handling, Fully Logged Operation and Replay, over 500 displayed tracks

Power Adapter
Tripod or fixed installation
Operator unit with 230 VAC and vehicle chargers
Transportation cases

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